Are guys okay with dating a virgin

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  1. The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Male Virgin
  2. Would you date or marry a girl who is still a virgin and wants to wait till marriage

Is it even a big deal to them? The guys we surveyed were all over the map on this one: Also, the thought of knowing that she hasn't been with any guys makes her much more desirable, at least in my mind.

The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Male Virgin

Some guys get freaked out and think that a girl who is a virgin is either super religious or younger than she looks. Even if they're totally normal, you'll find an explanation for why they are the way they are. They say they would change up their approach by not rushing into things too quickly. If you make it through education without getting laid, it suddenly becomes way harder to meet someone. In your teens, you can meet someone at an underage drinking session, in your university halls or on your course, be friends first, then develop feelings and start dating.

It seems the conservative types are judged as being somehow less sexual, but you can enjoy sex and only sleep with one person. But it seems like the opposite is expected nowadays; people want to have sex fast but exclusivity? Dating can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Young women might like the idea of being with an older man but aren't yet mature enough to fully understand the ramifications, and men who take advantage of this state of confusion and immaturity are acting in a predatory manner. As more and more men are accused of sexual harassment and assault against women over whom they wield significant power, society is starting to better understand how wrong — and prevalent — that behavior is.

Men who seek out young, "innocent" women fall along that spectrum of creepy, predatory behavior.

Would you date or marry a girl who is still a virgin and wants to wait till marriage

Men who seek out virgins often have another problematic motivating factor: They're intimidated or grossed out by experienced women. The idea that women are degraded by having a high number of sexual partners — or a high "body count" — is a form of slut-shaming and tends to be held by people with dangerously retrograde ideas about women. Thankfully they're becoming much less common in , when men are decreasingly likely to be hung up on the number of sexual partners a woman has had.

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  • Finally, some men prefer virgins because of their own insecurity: While sexual insecurity is normal, it's healthier to simply seek out partners who make their lovers feel comfortable and who never compare them to others rather than only sleeping with virgins — whom, it should be noted, are equally capable of being judgmental in bed than women who have had sex before. The key is to sleep with decent, ethical, caring people, and this can't be determined by "body count.